Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mensi the Moron

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

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Posts: 18 Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:46 am Post subject:
Victor NEVER mentioned once WHO the White Nationalist was or who the company was so HOW THE FUCK did Mensi know who he was talking about?

“Because everyone knows that the author of victorwhitelaw.blogspot is Kromlek. A slightly schizo (sic) Kromlek writing in the third person but it's stil (sic) a frothing Kromlek.

Come on Krom - come out and make an open denial that YOU are the author of that blog. PLEASE!



As is typical with all the Fight Dem Back Criminals, the micro-cephalic ‘Mensi’ is assiduously avoiding the really important points that old Victor was making. The White Nationalists would not normally waste this amount of energy on such a total deadshit and quibble over such fine details but we cannot, and will not, let FDB wriggle out of this one. It is important, in the interests of accuracy, for the record to show that ‘Mensi’ and the Fight Dem Back Criminals cannot provide a proper explanation for his comments and their timing.

As far as the absurd challenge for Victor to deny that he and Kromlek are one and the same person, this is simply a pathetically desperate attempt to divert the argument away from the real point, the Fight Dem Back/Greg Roberts connection. In fact Victor in turn challenges the mouth breathing, knuckle dragger ‘Mensi’ to prove who ANY of the contributors to the Victor Whitelaw project are. All the staff at Whitelaw Towers are supremely confident that not a single shred of conclusive evidence can or will be produced.

Believe us. We KNOW. But hey, go ahead and amuse us by trying. You’ve been quite hysterical thus far, you dribbling idiot. Hey, and in future when we want shit from you Mensi, we’ll come over, step on you and squeeze your pointed little head!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


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