Monday, September 18, 2006

Quote of the Year (so far)

Currently leading in the ‘just a bit out of touch’ category is…

From the Fight Dem back Criminals' Forum:
political tar baby
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Posts: 1170 Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 12:50 pm Post subject: Govt must play role in stopping extremism, conference told
“As usual, the Howard Government is barking up the wrong tree. There's been a hell of a lot more violence and hate speech against Muslims in Australia than that perpetrated by them.”

Now folks this absolute cracker of a quote comes from the same creature who incessantly accuses White Nationalists of being “out of touch” with what most Australians think. I wonder how many agree with Weezil’s comment. Apart from the usual suspects of the Islamic community themselves, like the apologist and ‘rent an Arab’ Keysar Trad, and their advocates in the extreme Left, I do not believe there is much empathy at all for Islam. The same goes for Multiculturalism in general. Real, ordinary, workaday Australians simply aren’t buying the big lie anymore. Even the dullest of them can see the grim reality bears no resemblance whatsoever to the utopian propaganda.

It is seriously hard to believe that anyone with a functioning brain could delude themselves to this degree and be that far removed from reality, so one can only conclude that ‘Weezil’ knows the truth of the matter but is deliberately lying with intent to insult the thousands of White Australian victims of Muslim crime, particularly young White Women and their families or to further taunt and enrage White Nationalists. There is a clear political agenda at work here and he chooses his comments carefully to maximise insult and provocation.

Of course he’s never heard of the Muslim Rape Squads that have been in the news for over five years now. He’s never heard the hundreds of reports of White Australians being targeted by Muslim thugs for no other reason than they are “Skips”. He’s never spoken to the many average, non-political, common, run of the mill White Australians who have thousands of anecdotes about how they and/or their wives and girlfriends have been monstered by Arabic Muslim thugs in the nightclubs and other public spaces of Sydney, from hotspots like Darling Harbour, Bankstown, Punchbowl and Lakemba, Brighton le sands, all the way to Gosford and The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast.

In their “fully sick” cars they gather in their hundreds with nothing more than a few mobile phone calls. They habitually employ intimidatory driving habits and often hurl racial insults and death threats at their victims. If there is a vehicle accident involving a White Australian they immediately resort to standover tactics and if they are still resisted, out comes the trusty mobile phones and carloads of mates arrive as backup.

Even the Police have copped this treatment, , and the new laws drafted to allow Police officers to seize mobile phones was brought in to specifically deal with this problem and NOT as ‘Weezil’ will probably claim to catch Whites with “Racist” text messages. This writer has observed an incident himself that occurred in Bankstown in broad daylight which involved Police being intimidated by two extra carloads of Lebs being phoned in. Of course, Weezil will claim it is all wicked lies concocted by “Rednecks” and “Haters” and “Neo-Nazis” and “Fascists” Blah! Blah! Blah!

In the past few years, how many Muslims were stabbed (mostly in the back), bashed with iron bars, kicked in the head whilst on the ground by dozens of grinning gangsters? How many innocent Muslims simply putting out their garbage bins were assaulted threatened with and/or hit with baseball bats, iron bars and threatened with hand guns? How many flags of Islamic nations were burned, pissed on or spat on? How many windows of Muslim homes and businesses have been smashed? How many Muslim owned cars have been either vandalised, stolen or “re-birthed” compared to those of the White Australian community? Statistics, crime figures, news reports, true documented stories Weezil. Where are yours?

And to a topic currently in the news, when was the last time you ever saw White Australians burning an effigy of anyone, let alone the Pope? Stunts like this do not win friends. Muslims, in general, are already not well liked or respected in this country and this is mostly driven by their behaviour and not by intrinsic so-called ‘Racism’ or ‘Religious intolerance’ by the rest of the community. That is a fact. Like it or not. They have always been the almost universally disliked group, above all others, mainly due to their aggressive and arrogant demeanour.

They are the only group who constantly ‘demand’ things. Australians are frankly sick and tired of seeing them on T.V. still dressing in their Middle Eastern clothing, most often in their heavy foreign accents, totally un-“assimilated”, ranting and raving, ‘condemning’ and ‘demanding’ OUR Government (our elected representatives, in other words, US) do this or that to placate them. Just imagine how far a White Aussie in shorts and thongs would get appearing on T.V. in Saudi Arabia DEMANDING respect. Concession after concession has been given to Muslims but it is never enough.

Culturally, these people who come from some of the toughest societies on Earth do not respect weakness and the laid back Australian attitude and our intrinsic fairness has been interpreted and exploited as weakness. They need to know that one cannot simply DEMAND respect, you must earn it through the things you do and say and the way you behave. All this being said, and despite every single phone poll or call in conducted by Radio or Television stations being overwhelmingly supportive of this sentiment ‘Weezil’ knows better. Yeah right.

Weezil, you are a dead set fucking idiot, and a dangerous one at that. It is hand wringing apologists and propagandists like you that further endanger the security of this Nation by perpetuating the lie that Muslims are the eternal innocent victims who can do no wrong. Some people might actually just be weak minded enough to believe your tripe and lower their guard.

We are not.


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