Saturday, September 16, 2006

Send in the Clowns Pt 2.

Time again folks to read between the lines. Today’s report in the Australian will be covered here.

"The Australian reported yesterday that the Victoria Police security intelligence group was investigating written material that had allegedly been distributed by Mr. Campbell detailing how to make a bomb."

Yes they would be. After being contacted yesterday by Peter Campbell and shown the story written by Greg Roberts, the Police said they would have to look into it. Up until then no investigations had started. It would seem yet again that some of Australia’s top Counter Terrorism groups including ASIO have been steered into another waste of Tax Payers money by Greg Roberts of “The Australian”. As they would be aware this is not the first time.

"Some people say a few stupid things when they're drunk”

As we have shown here time and time again members of FDB know only too well about saying stupid things. In fact the sheer amount of evidence written on this blog proves that people like Mathew Henderson of Eastwood NSW and Brian ‘Weezil’ Stokes of Round Corner Dural do not even need alcohol to say stupid remarks.

Here is a great one from FDB’s own ‘mensi’. What is it drugs or booze mensi?

"It is highly unlikely that an anti-terrorism taskforce will inform Jo Blo on the street who they are investigating."

No but they will inform Greg Roberts or any other News Print journo? You are truly funny.

"Mr. Campbell, who was head of the White Pride Coalition”

Yes folks a break through! He was the “head of the WPCA”? Does this mean that Campbell Smith) was confused yesterday when he said that the WPCA was in fact still functioning as a group? Also, the WPCA never had a "head". There was no formal leadership or membership structure at all.

What of comments from another gutless and nameless lefty ‘Bow Bow Bowing Boy.’

“The WPCA in particular have done a lot of bragging over the last year and a bit that our online campaign has given them a positive rethink on strategy."

"Looks like the WPCA are boxed in on all corners.”

Sorry Bowing Boy, once again you only prove that FDB do not have reliable information. For the hard of hearing the WPCA does not exist and has not existed for over 12 months. Why would anyone bother with such dribble? If these clowns have evidence of any material that has been handed out in the last 12 months with WPCA on it, hand it over girls.

It would seem that FDB now believe that any meeting now held by White Nationalists is run by the WPCA. The fact of the matter is that no one from the old WPCA Forum, yes Forum, not “group” have held a meeting in over 18 months! If we are to believe that Campbell Smith had an undercover agent stalking Peter Campbell surely he would have told FDB that there is no such thing as the WPCA anymore? To put it simply, they believe their own lies. That’s commitment.

A final note: The WPCA is not dead as Campbell claims.

Mensi again:
"The websites no longer exist, but the groups still meets regularly in real time and well, circulates material to people they should have vetted a lot closer."

From FDB front page today and our nameless Lefty. Proof girls, just show us all the proof you have. No more lies, just come up with the goods. The WPCA are dead and buried. The only people who keep the WPCA alive are FDB. Why would that be? Maybe they could stage their own WPCA meeting?

Yes Peter Campbell’s comment here should be noted. As anyone who has ever had a P.O. Box and belonged to a Political or Social movement knows you get all types of mail. If you consider that this information is supplied by a group of Anarchists who try and convince all around that they are peaceful it has to be seen as a bad joke. One wonders how much “Terrorist” type magazines they have in the closet? Will they go and hand it over to ASIO?

This site and many other sites have proven time and time again that these same people who pass information onto the media have in their membership Pedophiles, Terrorists and drug abusing criminals. This is why it is so important for them to attempt to stop sites such as this. We shine a light onto these scum and their Political friends. We are a danger to them. Not because we threaten them with harm like they do to us but because we are exposing them.

"But we are not a violent group of people. We don't have AK47s, we're not the IRA or anything like that."

Once again the authorities are well aware of this. But can the same claim be made about members of FDB and the Revolutionary Left?

"Mr. Campbell is a senior sales representative with electrical parts company Heinemann Electric, which was told three months ago about his neo-Nazi activities."

This comment will be on the Brief's desk by Tuesday.

"Earlier this week, Heinemann Electric general manager Richard Ross said he knew nothing in Mr Campbell's background that suggested he should not have been hired."

Along with this is this absolute gem from Mathew Henderson.

"Time to quickly stick my head back in folks. Darpie is a busy boy thesedays and chasing fuckwits about town isn't a strong priority of mine anymore. That and I'm now gainfully employed in the legal field whilst I complete my studies. Going back to suit and tie work entails a general toning down of activism as many a leftie can attest to.

You pricks called me up whilst I was studying for an exam, threatened me, shot your mouth off and kept asking when I was going to call down the ZOG powers that be on your heads etc etc ..I merely shrugged my shoulders and said "wait a few weeks mate." Stug and Ben Weerheym rang my mobile roughly five or six times on the day of the Sydney Forum. And yes we knew Benny was in Sydney cos he bloody well emailed his accommodation details to someone he thought was his mate. I really cannot imagine how eight blokes squeezed into one tiny Forumule 1 room. We bought a massive tube of KY and attached a note "To Jim Perren and Ben Weerheym: Be gentle."
Unfortunately the F1 doesn't hold parcels for guests. Anyway, back to these threatening phone calls. I just let the line go dead and let them talk shit. Glad I did cos ol' Stuggy on the other end closed off one phone call with this comment: "We are coming for you Mathew. You and the Jews will be destroyed. We are coming for you." YOu dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb cunts! Why do you shoot yourselves in the foot all the fucking time? That one has found it's way off to the powers that be as well old son. You might want to come out and clear your name now, did YOU make that comment? Or was it Skull? Or Benny? Either way, the fuckwit in question should be aware that a Klingon is not likely to be killed with a light-saber. Different nerd universes buddy.
You'd think you would have learned long ago that it certainly doesn't pay to piss me off. Yeah, fuckin great laugh you all would have had sitting around Saleam's bunker sinking UDL's, ringing Darp and putting him on loud speaker. Well, who is laughing now cunt? And in case you were too shit thick to realise - dragging you off to Fitzroy St was merely a basic attempt to get a bunch of you twats into a public area for a nice photo shoot. And guess what? It worked.
Those photos that should come in handy should the "we're coming for you" phone threats make it into the media one would think. If anyone around the FDB traps needs to touch base with me on stuff, don't PM me, just email"

Well this is everything we ever hoped for. Thanks for that. Henderson just admitted openly to stalking and secretly photographing White Nationalists!
Maybe “Darpie” should give the grog away?

Or perhaps he's still smarting at the nasty spanking (verbal that is) he copped from some of the Sydney Forum attendees.


Oh the pain, oh the humiliation...


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