Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Send in the Clowns

Submitted by Whitelaw Towers’ Queensland Bureau’s Chief Correspondent.
Yes folks, since the disappearance of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW, team members of the Fight Dem Back criminal organisation have become a rudderless ship on the ocean of Marxism.

Comments of late from FDB point to a total shift in policy. One glaring example can be found in an exchange with a somewhat fair-minded Lefty, Peter Morale. In an approach unprecedented in the FDB annals, Peter Morale questions the S.O.P of FDB and suggests to look for the root of the causes of opposition towards Multiculturalism in the White Community, at Stormfront to be specific.

Peter Morale
Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:43 pm Post subject: Most aren't racists, but pissed-off!
“I was just skimming through stormfront at a few threads on the "Down -under" section, and it would seem to me that most of the members aren't White-Supremacists - but a bunch of very tee'd off lads.”

Knowing only too well that 90% of White Nationalists are nothing more than White Patriots who truly dread the loss of Country and Culture, and long for a White Harmonious society, I applaud Peter’s approach.

Unfortunately, past and present members of the FDB liars club prefer to describe any White Person who resists the Globalists’ open border policy of Multiculturalism as flesh-eating Nazis. My guess is Peter will not be around too long. After all, he sounds reasonable.

Any sign of weakness from an FDB member just will not serve the puppet masters needs at Club Multi-Cult Nazi, as we shall see.

political rent boy
ring master’s clown.
Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:14 pm
“Peter, FDB are not in the business of making excuses for racists and other nazis or talking them out of their warped, abusive and violent ways. We're definitely not social workers.”

Oh boy, someone should call Mathew Henderson (wherever he is) and tell him his ship of fools is changing policy.

Extremely vulnerable
David King and Paige Taylor
December 24, 2005

Anti-racism campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau, who leads a web-based group called Fightdemback, says people lured to the shady groups are often angry young men who are socially isolated and feel marginalised. His group tries to expose far-Right groups and provide counselling for those who want to leave such groups. He says they might have struggled with drugs, mental illness or a family break-up. Often good jobs, cars and success elude them.

"There's the younger people who are socially disaffected, they might not have that many friends, and all of a sudden there's a family of bigger brothers who are coming along who, at least on the surface, offer a sense of brotherhood and unity," Henderson-Hau says. "Protection is the most important part for a scrawny kid who might be getting kicked."

Once again, what was it that weezil said about these scrawny kids that are being kicked by having their Racial identity taken away?

“but we're certainly aware that many of these sods have deficient upbringings or irrational fears of people different from themselves.”

Could it be that some of these people that Peter Morale speaks of are reacting to the constant undermining of White Culture and Heritage. Reacting against a Multi-Cult experiment that silences dissent by false accusations like Nazi White Surpremacist Red Neck. What has ‘weezil’ to say to this voice of reason from FDB Peter Morale?

“And what's "the White race"? There is no such thing!”

So apparently weezil in one fell swoop has destroyed everything FDB stands for, Anti-Racism. How can we be Racist if he believes that no such theory of Race exists? How can you be a Racist if Race does not separate Mankind?

With no such thing as the White Race that would mean that all other Races do not exist. Or does ‘weezil’ know something that we have known all a long, that the White Race is under attack? That the White Race is being pushed to extinction? My guess is that seeing as he is part of the final solution, the latter is more correct.

Yes, as we stand by and watch the death throes of FDB we should expect a lot of policy changes from the Ring Master and his Merry Clowns.
Editor's note:
It simply never ceases to amaze old Victor how FDB'ers like the sad old poofter and shopping centre loiterer, Brian 'Weezil' Stokes of Round Corner Dural NSW are unerring in their accuracy when it comes to shooting themselves in the feet.
Just how many times do we have to highlight FDB hypocrisy stupidity and disorganisation? Truly, it's just not a challenge any more. Talk about dumb and dumberer. Bring back Darp, I say...


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