Saturday, September 16, 2006

Terrorists’ Attack on Australian Whitelaw Tower One.

Yes folks, within days of the 9/11 anniversary, Whitelaw Towers has withstood a Terrorist attack on its head quarters. The Whitelaw Tower One, situated in Sydney was hit yesterday and again today by two 1960’s Cessna’s. Both aircraft manned by screaming Left Wing Anarchists have simply slammed into the side of the building and slid down the Northern and Eastern walls.
Black Boxes recovered from the smoldering wreckage have revealed that the pilot’s last words were “we’re gunna get ya nasty racist peoples” and “Allah Darpie.” Staff at Whitelaw One have been shaken but no serious injuries have been reported. The intended victim of the attack has been contacted by staff and told to stay proud.

Reports from ground zero have described the scene as a small clump of smoldering turds covering an area of approximately 100 meters. Evidence recovered from the aircraft included a David Jones flannelette shirt, a pair of K- Mart blue jeans and a Rainbow sticker that was stuck on the back window of one of the aircraft.
Also, our forensic team is currently examining a singed pair of brand new R.M. Williams boots which were found approximately five kilometres from Ground Zero. It is suspected they were worn by one of the pilots. The price tags still attached to the items of clothing should help in the confirmation of identity.

White Nationalists have been warned to be on the look out for any suspicious behaviour and report it to the appropriate authorities. An appeal will be launched in the coming days to raise money to repair the pavement and replace the gardens surrounding Whitelaw One.


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