Thursday, September 28, 2006

Weezily Words of Wisdom…not.

Hot on the (broken) heels of ‘Weezil’s post regarding the (apparent) non existence of the White Race comes THIS gem. Apparently it is now official, by Weezily decree, there is ALSO no such thing as Anti-White Racism!!! It must all just be one of those urban myth thingies eh? Yeah, that must be what it is. All those Police reports about them seeking perpetrators of Pacific Islander or Middle Eastern appearance for hate crimes like bashings and muggings on Whites is all just fiction, eh Weezles? All those young White girls just LIED about being called Skippy sluts as they copped Racial hate motivated gang rapes “Leb style”? I refuse to believe ANYBODY could possibly that stupid, you MUST be saying this shit to deliberately fire decent White people up. You are a criminally insane fuckwit!

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Cardijn wrote:
I have twice been refused service in Korean businesses on the East side of Eastwood railway station. This was in late 2003. I don't go there particularly now. I hope that it is not happening and that it doesn't happen to others.

“I lived within 1km of the Rowe St mall for 3 years (2000-2003) and still frequent the Nam Viet restaurant there and businesses around it about 3x a month. Never have I been denied service in any shop in the vicinity, for being an Anglo or anything else.

Well, duh! Of course you would not be rejected for TWO simple reasons. One, you were recognised as a local. Two, within five seconds of you opening your stupid mouth I am sure anyone within hearing range would understand you are a Utopian, rainbow flag carrying, one world, racial blender type so they would naturally take pity on you and treat you like a king.

Eastwood also happens to be Darp's home turf- and I can safely say he's never had anything like that happen either... and he's lived around there for much longer than I did.


"You may not care if I believe you, but you put your credibility up for review when you made the claim.”

Unlike YOU ‘Weezil’ at least he might HAVE some credibility to review.

“'Anti-white' discrimination is a dirt-common strawman (sic) tactic employed by racists.”

Weezil, you ARE a “Straw Man”, brainless, heartless and spineless.

“Every hairball racist has got an unsubstantiable (sic) 'my brother/sister/girlfriend/2nd cousin-twice-removed' was 'assaulted/namecalled/ (sic) discriminated against by (insert ethnicity here)' tale of woe as justification for their racism. Unless you can substantiate your claims of anti-Anglo discrimination, you chance being lumped with that lot.
There's yet been no substantiation from you.”

But of course, on the other (Left?) hand, all those lurid tales of Muslim Women being abused, assaulted, knocked down, having their head scarves ripped off were all ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE, eh? Every shrill claim by those hysterical, hair-pulling, teeth-grinding Islamists is Gospel truth, eh?


Why does he persist in his pathetic pretensions to being a Left Wing Oracle? Why doesn’t the sad of poofter just stick to loitering about the Round Corner Shopping Centre and shuffling about with his walking frame pretending he’s crippled? Ha! Ha! Ha! I for one would be willing to donate a few MORE of my hard earned Tax Dollars just to get him to FUCK OFF!!! Christ knows he’s leeched enough off the Australian welfare system.


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