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Monday, October 09, 2006

Weezil’s foot slips off the back peddle momentarily

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang’s Forum:


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Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 12:31 am Post subject:

“Kick Arse loosen up weez my dear friend and laugh at the thought of the nazis getting there (sic) arse kicked.”

Oh dear, oh dear, those excitable FDB’ers are bursting into spontaneous bouts of primitive auto eroticism at the mere thought of White people getting bashed. It reminds me of the description I was given by a person who once observed a “necklacing” in South Africa. He spotted several of the extremely excited Negroids toward the back of the crowd surrounding the grisly spectacle pull out their penises and begin to masturbate furiously while fixated on the burning victim who was writhing in agony.


political tar baby

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Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 1:02 am

Post subject:

“PisP, I don't want to be right as much as I want to win the war for 'hearts and minds' as it were. We're not apt to garner wide public support if we're a bunch of rioters... we'd look a bit rednecky (sic).

What a give away! But that’s good of you Weezil, to admit that you don’t care whether or not you are right (read: correct and just) so long as you “win the war for hearts and minds” (read: Force your sick propaganda down the public’s throats)

Mind you, there's certainly examples of great revolutionary struggles that were incredibly violent and seemingly just. Take the American Revolution,

The American Revolution? Oh, you mean the only war in history ever fought so that the “winners” could actually pay MORE taxes? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You’ve been watching too many Mel Gibson movies. The “Patriots” of the so-called “American Revolution” only ever comprised about ten percent of the population and how did they “convince” their “fellow Americans” the righteousness of fighting the evil, wicked British? They burned their houses and farms down to the ground and those who STILL didn’t “get with the program” were lined up and shot as “traitors” (strange since the “revolutionaries” were the ones in the business of political overthrow) their wives and children were tarred and feathered and raped. You are SO dumb you don’t even know the history of your own birthplace, you IDIOT!

French underground resistance during WWII and the ANC triumph over apartheid. When you consider Nelson Mandela was once a terrorist and is now a secular saint, it doesn't always go badly.

How do YOU separate the Terrorists from the “Freedom Fighters” Weezil? You now openly admit what White Nationalists have claimed all along, that Mandela was nothing more than a Terrorist but you think you can actually JUSTIFY it by mentioning Mandela’s virtual canonisation and by claiming “it didn’t go badly”. Tell that to the families and loved ones of those butchered by the ANC. Tell that to the thousands of White Women raped by Blacks every year. Please explain why it is that SINCE the abolition of Apartheid, South African cities, particularly Johannesburg have degraded into little more than killing grounds?

Hey, you also forgot to mention the biggest (non military) blood fest in European history, the so-called French “Revolution”. An orgy of guillotine executions and riots, now THAT was “terrorism”.

Or what about the establishment of the Bandit State of Israel? How about the abduction, torture, murder and mutilation of British soldiers by Jewish Terrorists? How about the bombing of the King David Hotel? How about the fact that Menachem Begin was one of those Terrorists?

However, in the case of small numbers of lunar racist nutbags, does the entire apple cart need to be upset to effect social change or is there something in our peaceful society worth preserving?

Well I suppose in YOUR case it’d be something really close to your heart, like our Social Welfare System. After all, where you come from they don’t pay out so-called “disability pensions” like the ones you’ve become accustomed to in Australia.

The vast majority of societies are not swayed by any nazi/fascist/racist elements, but these miscreants do have an effect on the target minorities.

Ask any White European people still living in the greater Canterbury Bankstown region of Sydney who the “target minorities” are. These people might as well paint bull’s eyes between their shoulder blades.

This is where anti-racist activism can be most effective. Denying the fash the ability to call their destructive opinions and actions 'politics' is a good start.

But YOU are the ones who have labelled it “politics”. That’s all you brain dead morons ever bleat on about. White Nationalists simply know it as part of the Natural Law and the right for every distinct Racial entity to exist and prosper while maintaining their Cultural integrity and unique physical individuality.

“On the scale of social acceptability, being a nazi is about as good as being a paedo.”

Well, there’s another open admission by Weezil regarding tactics. That’s what the Left and their masters have been working on for a long time now. the demonisation of White Nationalists with emotive, exaggerated and misleading language. The Left Wing formula is moronically easy…

White Nationalist = Hateful, Evil, Wicked, Intolerant, Racist, Violent, Fascist, Neo-Nazi. (insert any negative term of your choice)

The trouble is there is no accredited, universally accepted system of criteria for determining what a so-called “Nazi” is. It is a ‘one size fits all’ concept that works very poorly in practice. You get three people in a room and you get four opinions. So this tactic is backfiring on the Multicultural Terrorists as the general community tires of their histrionics and as they see so many benign and innocent people condemned for little more than questioning the Politically Correct wisdom. Face up to it Weezil, Multiculturalism just ain’t like it is in the brochure and even the dullest of the sheeple are beginning to awake.

“Using boycotts and shining a very bright publicity light on those nazis who sneak about in the shadows quite often significantly changes their practises.”

Boycotts? Who or what can you “boycott”? Nobody needs you or your “business” Weezil. You are a non-contributing, undesirable, malignant parasite living off our Tax Dollars by leeching our Welfare System. You have given Australia nothing since your arrival except Left Wing political agitation and the harassment of decent White Australian Patriots. Why don’t you just go back to America? We don’t want or need you here.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

FDB on the back peddle…BIG TIME…

What follows is a clear illustration of cause and effect.

Following the recent excellent work by the Victor Whitelaw Project, Frank .A. White, ‘Proud To Be An Infidel’ and others in the White Nationalist community to expose the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang’s links to Red Terrorist groups like the ARA, AFA, Class War etc, Weezil (Darp’s 2IC) has gone into damage control. One can almost smell the panic and desperation in the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang camp as they cynically contrive this image of pseudo-respectability and “non-violence”.

Fellas, you ain’t foolin’ ANYONE!

We know exactly what’s going on here and what sort of language you use behind the shopfront façade of the Fight Dem Back Internet Site. We know for a fact that you encourage others to employ ANY means whatsoever to shut down dissent against the Globalist Multicultural Industry.

We know Fight Dem Back’s creed is “Anti-Racism at ANY cost. The end justifies ANY means.”

Yes we fully understand you want no obvious, telltale bloodstains on your own hands for two main reasons. One you are ALL gutless cowards and two, you know you must maintain the (very shaky) illusion of occupying the higher moral ground.

We KNOW for a FACT you commit violence by proxy. We KNOW for a FACT you provoke other “less restrained” elements on the extreme Left to violence by stirring the pot and telling outrageous lies about INDIVIDUALS. Of course those individuals are being put in danger by the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ actions because YOU supply all the personal details.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals Forum:

Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

Author yuda
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Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 11:51 pm
Post subject: Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

An annual Saturday afternoon picnic for St. Louis-based national white supremacist group, Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), turned sour shortly after one o'clock in Affton's Mathilda Park. "We will rise again!" filtered through their PA just before dozens of anarchists suddenly emerged behind a large "FUCK Y'ALL!: Social Liberation, Not Anti-Immigration" banner. They surged into the parking lot and up to the pavilion hurling insults of "Fuck you!"
"Nazis!" "Class traitors!" and "Delete yourself!"
The sounds of Sepultura and a chorus of airhorns, whistles, and bullhorns filled the air and the mob plowed over one of their picnic table's and uprooted an American flag. Several CCC men, including president Gordon Lee Baum, attorney-at-law, moved into the mob and started a brawl that the anarchists soon finished. In the end, at least two Nazis were severely beaten and bloodied, another given a killer tittie-twister (purple-nurple), and one stripped of his cane he was wielding as a weapon.

When police finally showed up, the mob had disappeared and the Nazi picnickers were left to moan to the police about the ambush. Police arrested a bystander (accusing him of supporting the anarchists) and a Nazi picnicker.

Neighbors were generally horrified the CCC had chosen their neighborhood to organize and preach their hate. Neighbors also openly supported the anarchists for defending themselves after the CCC attacked their banner and the people behind it.

A couple of the picnickers even disavowed their association with the CCC. One who had been invited by a co-worker and had brought her children, vowed never to come back. Another claimed she had married into the organization not knowing the extent of what they stood for. Others openly admitted they were running out of places to meet, having already been harassed in North County and now this episode in South County. To top it off, the following day, the CCC's St. Louis website crashed and was offline for 24 hours.

The anarchists have sent a clear message to the CCC: "St. Louis is not a hospitable place for you to meet. Delete your headquarters. Delete yourselves. We have a class war to fight."

duck monster
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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:53 am
Post subject:

“hahaha. kick ass.”

Woops! It looks like dazzlin’ Donald isn’t quite up to speed on FDB operational protocol. Perhaps he didn’t receive the latest memo.

How embarrassing…

Harry 20
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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 5:27 am Post subject:


And the latest despatches don’t appear to have reached their “Stormtroopers” in the field of “battle” either…

political tar baby
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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:39 am
Post subject:

“Lest any new users get the wrong idea, FDB as a group doesn't advocate violence in any way shape or form.”

Weezil, put quite simply, you are a FUCKING LIAR!

“Bashing up some outwardly peaceful picnickers, despite their socially destructive discussion agenda, is simply counterproductive, aside from being serious criminal offences.”

That it is Weezil, that it is…

“Riot and affray charges will get you serious jail time if caught- and the young chaps who charged the picnic deserve what they get if the cops catch them.”

“FDB are more about data mining and judicious information dissemination.”

Oh, and don’t forget to add telling lies to the media, sending ‘dirt files’ to people’s employers, illegally accessing people’s Social Security files, computer hacking, spamming people’s E-Mail accounts, prank phone calls etc etc

'Name and shame' and boycotts sort out all but the most recalcitrant nazi nutbags, but that type normally implode in short order without a whole lot of help from us.”

What ol’ Weezles means by ‘name and shame’ is that real people AND their families suffer real hardship, like losing their livelihoods, perhaps even being evicted from their dwellings by unsympathetic landlords and are also exposed to harassment and violence by Anarchists, Unionist thugs, Islamists or even wild card elements in the general community who will use this “judiciously disseminated information” to track the targeted people down and have a bit of “fun”.

But hey, talk about Nostradamus-like prescience. Old Victor predicted the Fight Dem Back Criminals would go into these paroxysms of denial. One can almost hear the gnashing of teeth and the sounds of hair being pulled out.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:05 pm Post subject:

“Whilst I understand the ramifications of such an action, I have no sympathy for the fash.”

What? Not even the Women, the little kiddies and the elderly people? You are one sicko. But yeah, that’s right, I forgot you are the same type who lobbed half bricks at the backs of the heads of elderly attendees of One Nation meetings and mob stomped hapless isolated individuals as they walked through car parks to their vehicles. You are the same type who threw fire crackers or rolled marbles under the hooves of Police horses or urine filled condoms into the faces of Police officers etc.

“That being said, the most important part of this wonderful tale should be that the people took action against the fash (the 'anarchists' in the story apparently had community support), not that the fash got their heads kicked in.”

political tar baby
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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:09 pm
Post subject:

“PisP, unfortunately, while this may be an example of standing up to the fash, it's a lousy example. Any movement which embraces brawling, no matter how noble their motivations are, won't be around very long. I'd much rather have 'invaded' that picnic with a local media crew and a large number of noisy, chanting activists.”

Oh but yes, of course Weezil, that is SO much better. I mean to say, you have every RIGHT, a duty even, to “invade” a peaceful gathering of law abiding citizens and trample all over THEIR civil rights to associate with other like minded individuals and share their thoughts. Nothin' like a good ol' "chant" through the bullhorns at 120 Decibels to make the children cry and frighten the old people is there?

Perhaps you might post details on when your next “invasion” of a MUSLIM fundamentalist picnic gathering in a local Bankstown or Lakemba park might be planned? Let us all know so I can bring my camera and take photos of you and your Red bum chums having your heads kicked in or perhaps being stoned to death…

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Darp's Love Affair With The 'ANTIFA' Terrorists

Despite all their slogans about “Fighting Hate” or “Smashing Fascism” one would be hard pressed to find a group with less tolerance for dissent to their views, or a group more prone to authoritarianism, underwritten with the constant threat of violence, or a group with members more bitter, twisted and hateful than the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. They simultaneously work with criminal and violent Anarchists while finessing and exploiting their contacts within the establishment yet perceive no hypocrisy or conflict of interests in their actions.
Old Victor pinched this one from Frank White’s new site and although the article is quite old (it dates back to 1995) it is still an excellent illustration of the calibre of so-called “Anti-Fascist” and “Anti-Racist” activists Darp and his Fight Dem back Criminal Gang are aligned and cooperating with.

It is well documented the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang have shared information with these Canadian and North American so-called ‘ANTIFA’ groups and conspired to assault White Nationalists both in Australia AND over there.

People have been bashed and houses have been burned to the ground. This is not kindergarten stuff at all but serious criminal activity. Yet these are PRECISELY the very same people Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW and his Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters are currently working with to ruthlessly crush any dissent against the corrupt and tyrannical Multiculturalism Industry!

“Metro Toronto Police found a disturbing trove of criminal paraphernalia when they searched a garbage-strewn basement apartment in East York this week. A stolen crossbow, cartridges for a .357-calibre handgun, a bomb-making manual complete with bomb making materials, wiretapping equipment and what they took to be two different kinds of drugs.

Police also found a list of members of the Heritage Front, a notorious neo-Nazi group, along with the type of cars they drove and their license-plate numbers.

"And this jacket that's just a weapon," Detective Keith Rogers says. It had a hockey shin pad stitched into one sleeve with wire, the ends of the wire protruding menacingly, and two steel plates fixed to the opposite elbow with heavy bolts. And a peace symbol stitched on its back.

Such is the new face of antiracist activity in Toronto. From its inception as a grassroots youth movement to counter the Heritage Front, antiracist activism in Toronto has always had a wild streak, exemplified by the 1993 trashing of the home of Front spokesman Gary Schipper.

But now, with the days of mass protests long gone and moderate antiracist organizers fading from the scene, it is re-emerging as a brand of thuggery scarcely discernible from that of the neo-Nazis and their skinhead army.”

SOURCE: ‘Antiracist movement grows more violent’ The Globe and Mail, Friday, February 10, 1995 – By: John Barber

And here is Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp planning a smear job on the Canadian Nationalist Frank White, a stunt which went tragically wrong for a totally innocent and unrelated businessman who also happened to be named ‘Frank White’ when Darp and his co-conspirators got ALL their information wrong. Yet again! But as you will see from Henderson’s comments, it’s all just a bit of “fun” this screwing with real people’s lives lark.

Oh, what a jolly game it is. What ISN’T funny at all though is the real harm inflicted on people’s livelihoods and reputations as well as the “collateral damage” caused to all those around the target including their family and friends by these scattergun attacks. Darp and the Fight Dem Back Criminals are an unwanted ‘cure’ that is far worse than the perceived ‘ailment’ and an answer to a question nobody asked.

DARP HAU: I notice you guys have been back in touch with some Canadian antifa. Well, we need them to come on board with a VERY fun little project we have going.

Will email DLJ as a back-up to this ..but yeah, please forward this onto all your Canadian antifa contacts.

Daryl Lamont Jenkins: Got the email and you should be getting a message from Toronto. They were most appreciative.

DARP HAU: Cheers mate.

Matthew Henderson Hau (AKA ‘Darp Hau, ‘Darp’) in an exchange with Daryl Lamont Jenkins – ‘Legendary OPP Forum’ – ‘Canadian Contacts Needed’ – Posted: Sunday, June 25, 2006.

There is ample evidence of more direct connections between the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang in Australia and the extremely radical, violent and criminal so-called ‘ANTIFA’ groups in Canada but the preceding online dialogue between Henderson-Hau and Jenkins is proof that these links also pass through other more so-called ‘mainstream’ “Anti-Racist” groups like the One People’s Project.

One can only speculate on how much more ‘hardcore’ the conversations became once MSN, E-Mail or Private Message services were employed to communicate.

So, Victor asks, who are the real “TERRORISTS”?

The FDB Class War link

Old Victor believes it might just be time to revisit the subject of Macquarie Fields. There have been several reports emerging of late from the Australian Media suggesting that trouble of the civil unrest persuasion may be brewing again down in the badlands of South Western Sydney. What has all this to do with our favourite testicle polisher?

Darp has a history of infatuation with violence and power. There is a tiresomely predictable theme running through most of his old Internet ranting still contained within the archives, that of his fetish for Pacific Islander physical prowess and his obsession for and predilection to violence. His homoerotic worship of Maori, Tongan and Samoan thugs is indicative of a quite dangerous as well as (yet another) disturbing personality kink.

Some of you might recall that the shrieking Reds and Lefties, including the vicious Anarchist thugs of Fight Dem Back, developed massive hard-ons over the prospects of some good old fashioned, Molotov throwing, tyre burning, rock lobbing, Cop bashing street action. Reports at the time confirmed the presence and activity of a sinister Global Anarchist group known as ‘Class War’.

Writing in The Age Newspaper on 13th April 2005, Dr. Jason Sternberg, a lecturer in media and communication at the Queensland University of Technology, described them as “the international terror group Class War”. A quick perusal of their website and literature reveals such tasteful treats as photo montages of injured Police officers, burning Police vehicles and pictures of virtually anyone who isn’t Anarchist being bashed by their street gangsters.

They don’t sound very nice, do they folks? Well despite all this negative publicity, or perhaps because of it, Darp insisted on attempting to make contact with them to see if they might establish a “mutually beneficial relationship”.

Victor reproduces here, for your reading pleasure, his post for Monday, March 06, 2006 to assist in refreshing in your mind the facts about Darp’s flirting with the heavy hitters of the extreme and militant Left:

Darp's fetish for violence

During the Macquarie Fields riots of February-March 2005 Darp quite deliberately drove diagonally across Sydney, a road trip of approximately Forty Kilometres, to link up with the terrorists of an extremely violent and militant Anarchist group known as “Class War”. These were the real thing, they’d earned a fearsome reputation in the U.K. for bashing both Nationalists AND Police. They even post photographs on their Website of injured Police Officers who have been hurt at violent demonstrations. They are the type who throw urine filled condoms at cops or fireworks, marbles and even dog-spikes under the hooves of Police Horses. He must have been greatly excited by the prospect of ‘pressing the flesh’ with some real, hardcore Anarchists and putting their special “skills” to good use in his war against White Nationalists.

Imagine his frustration then at being stopped by the law. Darp was furious when he was turned back at the Police cordon, he expressed as much on the comments pages of his Blog and several other Internet sites. Didn’t these cops know who he was? He believed he had every right to be there. The fact is though, there was no legitimate reason whatsoever for him to be there, particularly given his background. As a Middle Class, North of Parramatta Road, bourgeois Chardonnay Socialist, he was as out of place in the underclass wastelands of Macquarie Fields as a Pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah.

He could scarcely claim he was just “passing through”. If he had been a responsible and law abiding citizen he would have been at home like all the members of the then WPCA and other so-called “Neo-Nazi” groups and watching it on T.V. But no, Darp is Darp and he is an habitual trouble maker. Being supremely arrogant and as thick as pig-shit in the neck of a bottle he was soon vowing to return to the scene of the crime.

He declared on on Tuesday 1st March 2005:

“Depending on work commitments, I might try and get out there today.”

But the Police had no tolerance for rubberneckers, agents provocateur or out of town political vultures like Darp. The NSW Police were struggling to contain the riots, let alone stop them, hindered as they were by restrictive operational protocols and a leadership, from the Local Area Command upwards, inculcated with Left Wing nonsense from the likes of “advisors” on “Cultural sensitivity” like Dr. John Casey and other career social vandals.

Darp’s intent was clearly to exploit the dangerously volatile situation for all it was worth and to foment more violence but refocus it along Racial lines rather than those of class. A quick study of the comments being made on the FDB’ers and other Left Wing Blog sites and their comments pages confirms what the intention was. Fortunately, several White Nationalists have archived many of the relevant files thereby negating the effect of certain FDB sites being “cleaned up”. Weezil in particular “cleaned house” by erasing his entire ‘Haloscan’ comments files around this time.

Much has been made by the Controlled Media recently of the fact that a handful of Nationalists were at the Cronulla affair, which was still largely and primarily (apart from about 200 rioters out of a crowd of 5000) a peaceful protest, but why has no such “investigative journalism” been focused on the role of extreme Left Wing agitators in the Macquarie Fields Riots?

On the Ninth of August 2005 on the ‘Fight Dem Back’ Website Darp published his interview with Dave Hann, the author of “No Retreat”, a document which for all intents and purposes is a handbook on how to harass, stalk and bash ‘Fascists’.

In the interview the slimy lickspittle Darp fawns all over this extremely dangerous and nasty creature with hero worshipping adulation. It truly is cringe-worthy stuff. During the interview Hann proudly boasts how in the U.K. he organised gangs of Leftist thugs known as “The Squads” to lie in wait for lone Nationalists and bash them. He even admits to bugging the meetings of the British National Party, a LEGAL and registered political party, cutting their phone lines during an election campaign and attempting to physically ambush three of their official candidates on their way to a polling booth.

This last act was thwarted when the candidates were provided with a Police escort. Darp can barely conceal his glee during the interview and gushes with the obsequious enthusiasm of the true sycophant. It becomes blatantly obvious that Darp fantasises about forming his OWN “Squads” of street marauding thugs who will patrol the city hunting down anyone with Nationalist tendencies. We know this because Darp has already boasted on his own Blog ‘’ that he had “guys with lumber jackets and Eureka Flag belt buckles” patrolling his neighbourhood hoping to catch and bash the young lads from the Patriotic Youth League as they put up posters and stickers criticising Multiculturalism.

On an Anarchist site named ‘Wombles Newswire’ under the heading “All Nations are Prison Camps” and dated 27th October 2005 is a “news report” from a Class War activist in Macquarie Fields. Here are some extracts from the rather lengthy and turgid piece:

“The roads and walls were covered in anti-police graffiti, and live on TV, the brother of Matt, young Aaron Robertson declared his hatred for the police by calling for a bullet for every one of them! Thereby etching his name into the ranks of Aussie working class heroes in doing so.”

This is hilarious. This “Aussie Working Class Hero” had never HAD a job in his life unless you count car stealing as an occupation, so how can he be “Working Class” if he’s never worked? How DARE they call themselves Working Class! Just like their Middle Class handlers in the Anarchist and Communist groups they are lazy criminal scum. They are UNDERCLASS CRIMINALS, nothing more, nothing less.

“Jesse Kelly gave himself up after two weeks on the run. The police charged him with riot, assault and affray. He has a lot of support and is already being compared to the Australian legend Ned Kelly, for his staunchness to his friends, and his strength and love for his family. Kelly by name, Kelly by nature!”

Oh please! Now he’s a NATIONAL “hero”.

"It should be stressed at this point how many people were being raided by the police, and charged with riot, affray and assaults on police, on the strength of video footage of the riots. Unfortunately a lot of people did not wear masks, caps, gloves, hooded tops or balaclavas. Their DNA was all over bottles, bricks, shopping trolley’s etc. This in itself presents a massive problem for the future of fighting back."

Hmmm. There’s that slogan again “Fighting Back”. Sound familiar? Yes, it is “unfortunate” that these “Working Class Heroes” did not employ standard Anarchist operational procedures. Perhaps that is another reason why the Fight Dem Back Criminals are so keen to link up with them, after all they have experts in Anarchist street warfare like @andy ‘slackbastard’ Morgan who would be able to coach and instruct them on the finer points of organised tactical assault.

“To the people of Macquarie Fields, and the housing estates of Sydney, Australia and the rest of the world - the blood that scorches through your veins is ours. It is riotous, rebellious and strong. It will prevail. It will be there in all future generations, as the fight for control of our territory continues.”

So these idiots are “fighting to control THEIR territory” are they?

“We must learn from each other - our tactics, our techniques and our strategies. This is a war - nothing less. Sometimes it is an all out street fight - as we saw in February - but most of the time it is a battle of wits, of ducking and diving, of hitting then quickly retreating. The people who live here know that. If we learn and work together we can, and indeed will win. Forward into battle!”

Now them’s certainly fighting words and these are the sort of people Darp and FDB wanted to, and still want to, work with. In fact there is some evidence to suggest they already ARE!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Look Familiar?

From the ABC South Australia Site:

Wednesday, 1st February 2006

Bomb-making manual linked to white supremacist group

Anti-racism campaigners argue that a bomb-making manual, allegedly linked to a white supremacist website based in Adelaide, breaches anti-terror laws.

The manual contains instructions on how to make explosives and encourages violent attacks on ethnic minorities.

Mat Henderson-Hau from Fight Dem Back says the manual is connected to an Adelaide-based website under Australian Federal Police investigation.

He has reported the manual to the Federal Government's anti-terror hotline.

"It contains information on how to acquire high power firearms and explosives, essentially says that any and all criminal and violent activities on non-white individuals are fair game," he said.

From the Fight Dem Back Site:

3rd February 2006

Networkwhite hosts terror manual

Yes, we get a mention here as well.

From the ABC.

Bomb-making manual linked to white supremacist group

Anti-racism campaigners argue that a bomb-making manual, allegedly linked to a white supremacist website based in Adelaide, breaches anti-terror laws.

The manual contains instructions on how to make explosives and encourages violent attacks on ethnic minorities.

Mat Henderson-Hau from Fight Dem Back says the manual is connected to an Adelaide-based website under Australian Federal Police investigation.

He has reported the manual to the Federal Government's anti-terror hotline.

"It contains information on how to acquire high power firearms and explosives, essentially says that any and all criminal and violent activities on non-white individuals are fair game," he said.

From the Adelaide Avertiser Newspaper Site:

1st February 2006

We will survive: racist group.

01 Feb 06

ADELAIDE-based white supremacists are advocating "open warfare" if their "rights to survival" are under threat, according to a statement emailed to The Advertiser.

In the statement, operators of a racist website argue their organisation is peaceful.

But the statement says it will "meet force with force", resulting in "open warfare" if its rights to practice its "religion" are violated.

"When law and persuasion no longer protect our rights to survival then we must . . . turn on our tormentors with a furious vengeance and destroy them down to the last man," it says.

Justice Minister Chris Ellison has asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate potential federal law breaches by the website. State Attorney-General Michael Atkinson has alerted Police Commissioner Mal Hyde and is vowing to take action to have the site shut down.

From The Australian Newspaper Site:

Neo-Nazi 'circulated bomb-making manual'

By Greg Roberts

September 15, 2006 01:00am

A POLICE anti-terrorist taskforce is investigating detailed bomb-making instructions distributed to Australian skinheads by a prominent neo-Nazi.

The Victoria Police security intelligence group has been told the material was distributed by Peter Campbell, the national head of the White Pride Coalition of Australia.

Mr Campbell is a senior sales representative with Melbourne electrical parts group Heinemann Electric - the company at the centre of a row over the Howard Government's workplace laws.

Material given to police includes bomb-making instructions published in an article titled "How to build a David Copeland special". Copeland, a white supremacist dubbed the Soho bomber, was responsible for a series of bombs in London in the late 1990s.

The instructions include advice to keep nails and other projectiles, which are packed in bombs, in horse manure so that "when embedded in the burnt flesh, the shit will poison the blood".

The instructions recommend bombs be disguised by placing them in traffic cones.
Muslims are referred to in other material being examined by police.

Is it just Old Victor or does anyone else observe a pattern emerging here? Almost identical accusations, terminology, and catch phrases, the same, tired old clichés about “Neo-Nazis” *yawn* and “Bomb making manuals” *zzz* and “Terrorists” *wha?* etc, all recycled six months apart.

Old Victor took very little notice of the matter concerning a certain Colin Campbell of South Australia back in February and has certainly not heard or seen any mention of it since. He suspects it just fizzled out like a cheap firework as this latest one inevitably will, with one major exception.

THIS time the perpetrators of the vicious hoax, along with their allies in the Media, will be brought to task for their conspiracy to not only publicly smear and defame a White Nationalist but to supply false evidence (if indeed there IS any AT ALL) to Australia’s Security and Intelligence Services and have him charged with Terrorist offences.

If the gutless swine of the Fight Dem back Criminal Gang believe they can continue to hide behind their pseudonyms and maintain their anonymity whilst feeding lies to the Media and the authorities and that the White Nationalists concerned will just cop it sweet then they are tragically mistaken.

What they are doing here is not only perpetuating but escalating a very personal vendetta merely to indulge their own petty bitterness and resentment over their ineptitude and ineffectiveness in countering the arguments of their political adversaries.

Also, people such as ‘Cam Smith’, if that is indeed his real name, are leaving themselves wide open to not only criminal prosecution for supplying false and misleading information to the Police, but to civil lawsuits from people with the resources and willpower to follow it through.

‘Cam Smith’ certainly cannot claim immunity from prosecution due to having being misled by others. The Fight Dem Back Criminals have been warned, time and time again, about running off with false stories and have consistently failed to retract any of their claims, despite being supplied with the real facts on a number of occasions.

It would appear their sheer arrogance and delusional self-righteousness prevents them from ever backing down or admitting fault. On this latest matter though, they truly have no idea what they have done, none whatsoever.

Watch this space…

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Unreliable Memoirs of a Boudist Witness...

Old Victor apologises in advance for the vintage of the material presented below but he’s only just stumbled upon it by chance while searching the Internet for other material. It dates all the way back to May 2005, but in light of the White Nationalists’ continuing campaign to expose Darp and his accomplices for the deviants, moral cowards, criminals and perverts they are, he believes it is worthy of reproduction and criticism.

Darp is nothing if not a prolific dribbler online, there is just SO much material yet to be mined for your viewing pleasure, gentle reader and when it comes to the comments by Darp that follow the post there is some rarely equalled, pure comedy Gold from our favourite scrotal defoliator.


From the Blog of Photographer Daniel Boud:

Street Justice

“Last night, leaving the Gaelic Club”

Yeah, a good Irish name that…Boud…

“in Surry Hills with a a few friends i (sic) witnessed a disgusting display of racism and violence. A young neo-nazi (sic) guy, complete with shaved head and military jacket, began hurling abuse at a guy in front of us for being aboriginal.”

Well, that’s good enough for me, shaved head AND a “military” jacket. He’s dead bang to rights GUILTY of being a NEO-NAZI, no doubts about it, no need for the jury to retire. Hang him high!

“He was so hateful in his speech”

Oh, you mean like all those vindictive Anarchist arseholes on FDB?

“and began trying to attack the aboriginal guy whose girlfriend was holding the nazi (sic) back. A female friend of mine stepped in and called the nazi disgusting, he turned his attack on her calling her a semite (sic).”

What a peculiar choice of words, so academically correct and clinically precise for a drunken lout in a rage…

“When another friend stood up for her he was labelled (sic) an arab(sic). The nazi (sic) guy was just hateful and looking to fight, attacking anyone for whatever racist thing he could think of. I approached the nazi's (sic) two friends who were standing back, asking them to reel in their mate before violence escalated. At that moment a group of Pacific Islanders arrived from the nearby pub and swiftly took the nazi (sic) out of action.”

That’s a polite Lefty euphemism for five or six gigantic coconuts kicked the livin’ bejesus out of a skinny White kid who’d had too much to drink and was probably just responding to an insult such as being called a “Gubba” or “White trash” by some octoroon refugee from Everleigh Street.

“I didn't watch exactly what happened”

We understand perfectly Daniel, you had to avert your eyes, it was all so very distressing…

“but he was beaten by the islanders till he was lying huddled on the street.”

Yep, I bet he was Daniel, I bet he was. How many times have we read THIS story before? Usually in the Police Files column of the local paper. Most often it runs something like this:

“Bashed Man in coma not expected to survive. Police are seeking two (three, or four) males of Pacific Islander appearance for cowardly attack on White Caucasian male. According to witnesses the offenders repeatedly kicked victim in the head while unconscious on the ground. Police and Ambulance officers who attended the scene were shocked at the sheer savagery of the attack.” Etc, etc….

“I abhor violence”

Sure you do Daniel, sure you do…

“and was confronted to see it up close like that.”

Ooh Err! “Confronted” even. Not quite like watching those gladiator movies on the big plasma screen in your Darlinghurst apartment, is it luvvy?

“But i (sic) was more shocked and disgusted by the hate and violence in the nazi (sic) guy.”

Now, read that carefully again, gentle reader. Daniel Boud, photographer to the stars, was MORE shocked by the so-called “Neo-Nazi’s” ATTITUDE than he was by the group bashing of a lone White boy!!! . Remember, according to Daniel, the White boy had not actually struck anyone prior to being mercilessly stomped by a team of yard apes.

“Even as a peace loving person i felt little sympathy for the beating the nazi (sic) got.”

Again, read that AGAIN folks. He felt little sympathy. For the beating. Hmmm…Gotta love that Peace thang…

“If he wasn't the one lying on the ground at the end of it i've (sic) no doubt he would have physically attacked others.”

No doubt, eh? Daniel, of course, not bestowed with Oracle like prescience, really has absolutely no way of knowing this. Like ALL Leftist inclined people he presumes much and knows very little. Luckily for him he’s a far better photographer than he is a social commentator or crime scene witness.

“It's just a shame he'll probably use the beating he got to justify his racist views.”

Oh, it’s a SHAME, is it? I wonder what ELSE Daniel might suggest the White boy takes away from this experience. Perhaps he might construct a pretty necklace or bracelet from his broken teeth to present to his assailants as a token of appreciation for their lesson in interracial relations? They apparently appreciate trinkets of this type.

“After witnessing such racist (sic) hate last night i (sic) figure it's an opportune time to link to Fight Dem Back, an anti-racist campaign spearheaded by Darp.”

Oh yeah! And there’s the plug folks. Who you gonna call? Let’s hear it for the guy who put the FIST into Pacifist, the TOURETTES into Tarrants, the WOOD into Eastwood! Take it away Darp…

Posted by daniel at May 21, 2005 07:49 PM


“Boudie, email me if you got a pic of this guy. I'm presuming the description can't really be improved upon. Could you give me approximate age? We heard about a smallish B&H get together taking place somewhere in the city that night but didn't bother looking into it. Bugger - looks like a few of them were out, drunk on the glory horn of Valhalla.”

Yes Darp, while YOU no doubt were cruising Oxford Street bruising up on an entirely DIFFERENT sort of “Glory Horn”... or is it the Glory "hole"?...

Posted by: Darp Hau on May 22, 2005 01:19 AM

“Darp, couldn't really describe him in much more detail other than to say he was mid to early 20's, white, kinda (sic) short, buzz cut, khaki jacket. I was so shocked by what was going on in front of me i (sic) didn't think to take any photos.”

Posted by: Dan on May 22, 2005 01:37 AM

“Cool, the khaki jacket bit is good. I think I know our trooper.”

Oh PLEASE!!! This is WAY too funny! The omnipotent Darp thinks he KNOWS the bloke from that scanty description. Oh fuck! There’re literally armies of highly decorated detectives out there who wish they were even a fraction as talented as Darp!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

In a city of about Four Million, Darp gets a description of White, early twenties, short build, cropped hair (notice how it morphed from “shaven head” to “buzz cut” in a matter of 24 hours) Khaki jacket and he’s AWAY, he RACING, he’s got the bloke NAILED!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“You're right about your stance as a pacifist being (?) becomming (sic) slightly foggy with regard to this incident.”

I expect you WOULD be a bit “foggy” after a night of sniffing rush with your bum chums all night…

“I too abhore (sic) violence and seek out whatever means possible to avoid it.”


“Sadly, when you're dealing with boneheads, many is the time when they understand no other language than a good slapping down.”

Yep, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and Darp’s JUST the kinda guy to step up to the plate and do his duty!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

WHAT is he ON?

“IF this fash hadn't been taken to task by the Islander Boys, chances are he would have kept going until he hit someone. A good book which covers the scruples of fighting racist violennce (sic) WITH violence”

Oh yeah! That’ll work, every time.

“is No Retreat by Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey.

It's a fascinating and at times, frightening read.

Thanks for the plug as well.”

Oh, that’ll be the party sized BUTT plug Daniel popped in the jiffy bag…

Posted by: Darp Hau on May 22, 2005 01:47 AM

Oh, and just one last thing Daniel. Precisely where, and what, was this Street “Justice”?

I fear I may have blinked and missed it…

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Before The Storm

For a lightning strike to occur and to be effective the correct atmospheric conditions must be present. It’s all about charged particles, ionisation and equalising electrical potentials and stuff. Things called streamers, tendril like arcs of energy, are drawn up from the ground to meet the lightning bolt coming down from the clouds, then BANG! A huge amount of energy, millions of Volts, is discharged. This is what is planned for White Nationalists in Australia, a lightning bolt, a huge strike, to take us all out in one big zap.

The Australian population, just like the atmosphere before an electrical storm, is being prepared subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, to accept the ridiculous concept that White Nationalists are Terrorists. Terms such as “Neo-Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Racist”, “Hater” and even “White Supremacist” have been so overused and become so hackneyed, often fired at quite benign targets, they have lost their currency and subsequent impact. But the fear factor is very important in the Multiculturalism Industry's propaganda, so an entirely new vocabulary has now become necessary to frighten the living daylights out of Joe Public.

In a treasonous diversionary strategy the spotlight is being deliberately swung away from the truly most dangerous segment of the population, namely the radical Islamists, and onto White Australian Patriots and Nationalists. The demonisation process has been steadily ramping up since the Cronulla people power protests of December 2005 but is now gathering real momentum with prominent establishment figures such as the Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty softening the population up with his Pro-Islamic and subtly Anti-White comments.

His inane comment of “I remind people that the first person who was convicted of a terrorist offence in Australia was a person with the unlikely name of Jack Roche” is deliberately, and I would suggest irresponsibly, misleading as Jack Roche was a MUSLIM! So where is the incongruity with supposedly misguided, so-called “populist” opinion and received wisdom here? It would not matter a damn if his name was John Smith or David Jones, he was still a MUSLIM and he LOOKED like a MUSLIM as well with his beard and dress sense.

I wonder if Mr. Keelty realised when he added “the danger of mistreating people who felt the least bit alienated was that they would become permanent outcasts in the community” that this comment might just as easily be applied to the vilification of White Australian Patriots! I wonder does Mr. Keelty feel as much compassion and concern for the sensibilities of traditional White European Australians as he does for Muslims.

Sadly, the vast majority of the unenlightened masses who are “informed” by nothing more than lurid newspaper headlines and the comic book “journalism” of television current affairs shows will probably be duped by this propaganda. Rather than the stated intent of relieving the paranoia about the Islamic threat, Human nature being what it is and most average Joes being unable to walk and chew gum simultaneously, this fear and distrust will simply be transferred over to Australian Patriots and White Nationalists. The political spin doctors who are manipulating Mr. Keelty know full well this will be the result and that is the only real reason why he has been prompted to make such statements.

Despite the fact we have a Liberal-National Coalition Federal Government, all the states are Labor Party controlled and in NSW, most of our top leadership, including the State Premier himself is totally reliant on the ethnic lobby vote, in particular the Muslim vote, to remain in power. The pressure on Morris Iemma and his top two or three ministers, who are all sitting members in Muslim dominated seats, must be tremendous. They must placate and finesse the Muslim population in Sydney otherwise they will be out of a job! It is as simple as that.

Part of this overall plan of placation is to spend obscene amounts of Tax Payers’ money on yet more pro-Multicultural propaganda, paying particular attention to showing us what a really beautiful bunch of sophisticated and highly cultured but tragically misunderstood people the Muslims are, and to vilify any expression of overt White Australian Nationalism.

From now on, Joe Lemming will be watching and listening to his White Australian neighbours with great suspicion and wondering what’s REALLY behind old Bill next door hanging that Aussie flag out on his verandah each morning. What was that he overheard old Bill saying once to his wife about how “all them boat people should be sent back” or how “them Muslim Terrorists should all be shot”? And old Bill HAD been in the Army and they learn all about weapons and bombs and stuff, don’t they? Perhaps Joe should do the right thing and just let that nice Constable Habib know all about Bill so they can keep an eye on him, after all, you never know, do you?

Monday, October 02, 2006

The (other) Big Lie

A "news" release from the violent Anarchist group, the ‘One People’s Project’:

Nazi Down Under Wanted His People To Blow Things Up (seems to be a trend with these folks, eh?)

Contributed by One People’s Project
Friday, 15 September 2006

Mat Henderson-Hau of the Australian/New Zealand anti-racist crew Fight Dem Back is scaling back his work to focus on his studies, but before he did, he gave us some news about a Nazi that they had been chasing after down there. His name is Peter Campbell, and he is the head of something called the White Pride Coalition of Australia. It seems that Peter has been passing around bomb-making manual (sic) to his WP comrades – much like what Hal Turner had done some time ago on his website.

Unlike Turner, however, the police are aiming to nail Peter Campbell for this. “A lot of dedicated Fight Dem Back members have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months in order to gather enough information to bring this issue to the relevant authorities and over the last few days, the media,” Mat writes. “Yes, sad to say that people like Peter Campbell do still exist in our society. There may be some interesting uses of our anti-terror legislation in the coming months (but I won’t hold my breath).”

Well if they don’t, just like here that just means we put pressure on officials until they do, eh? Mad props (?) go to Fight Dem Back for all of their work on this.

Okay, let’s take this filthy lie apart, piece by stinking piece.

1. Mr. Campbell is not a “Nazi”. He is a White Nationalist and an Australian Patriot.

2. He is not, and has never been, “head” of anything.

3. The WPCA ceased to exist about a year and a half ago.

4. Mr. Campbell has never HAD a “bomb making manual” to “pass around”.

5. To date, some two weeks after the original 'story', all enquiries to the Police department named in the defamatory and fictional Newspaper article, the Victorian Police Security and Intelligence Unit, have resulted in them claiming they are not only NOT conducting any enquiry but that they knew nothing of the claims in the paper until they were notified by Mr. Campbell. Additionally they expressed their concern about where such claims might have originated and said this is a matter they WOULD be investigating.

6. Where IS this “information”? There certainly cannot be even a shred of real material evidence to support this preposterous claim since the events described never happened. Should this matter ever make it into an Australian Court of Law to waste the resources of the Australian Taxpayers then Mr. Campbell will not only be willing to submit to a polygraph test but will INSIST on one.

He has NEVER instructed anyone on how to construct explosive devices, nor has he ever supplied such information, he has no knowledge of, nor interest in, these things. He has never condoned the use of Terrorism to further the White Nationalist cause and believes such tactics to be counter-productive.

Mr. Campbell would also like to remind his political enemies that perjury, fabrication of evidence etc are extremely serious offences and that they should be absolutely certain they have an airtight 'fit-up' case against him, with false witnesses willing to lie and able to maintain those lies under sustained and vigorous cross examination. The hunter could quite easily find themselves the prey in this dangerous “game” of Mathew Henderson-Hau’s.

It is well documented that Mathew Henderson-Hau openly solicited for the murder of two White Nationalists and that he has provided false information to the media on several occasions, the most infamous example being his vicious smear of a certain Jim from Queensland. Despite the fact that the true details were supplied to him within days of the claims, he has never withdrawn or apologised for them. Neither has he shown an ounce of remorse for the effects it has had on Jim’s family. In fact he has rubbed salt in the wounds by mentioning Jim’s wife by name several times on the internet when he knows she has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

7. It is also utterly absurd and quite laughable for a criminally perverted social misfit like Mathew Henderson-Hau to lament the existence of “people like” Mr. Campbell who is a model citizen, married with children, gainfully employed, Tax Paying, Law abiding and with literally hundreds of people (of several Races) who will attest to his honour and veracity if ever called upon as character witnesses.
On the other hand, Mathew Henderson-Hau, like all deviants and subversives, totally despises normalcy of any kind and has an appalling record of anti-social behaviour, including assaulting minors, vandalism, death threats aimed at Australian politicians, soliciting to murder, indecent exposure, as well as counting convicted criminals among his closest friends. He is an immature, feckless, socio-political dilettante, still leeching off his mother whose home he refuses to vacate, he is scarcely a positive role model.

8. The vexatious invoking of Australia’s new Anti-Terrorism Laws as a possible stick with which to beat Mr. Campbell merely to indulge Mathew Henderson-Hau’s long term and well documented personal vendetta is an utter disgrace and indicates the culture of sheer desperation currently operating in the FDB camp.

9. It deeply saddens Mr. Campbell that Mathew Henderson-Hau will not be holding his breath. He sincerely wishes Mathew Henderson-Hau would never steal another mouthful of the Earth’s precious oxygen reserves. There are so many other more beneficial purposes for which this oxygen could be utilised.

10. The last paragraph reveals, for all to see, the tactics the Leftists employ to crush dissent against Multiculturalism and use the very “authoritarian” system they claim to despise to take any effective political opponent out of the picture. One can only wonder at the nature of the “pressure” they intend to put on officials and precisely “who” will be applying that pressure.

The Fight Dem Back Criminal Group has already openly admitted they have some well heeled, powerful and "influential" support from the so-called “Jewish Community” including “Lawyers and other professionals”. Their persistent scoffing at so-called “conspiracy theories” will count for nothing once the links are exposed. There is a clear case, and ample evidence, to prove a sinister and wide ranging conspiracy. Ultimately, the 'blowback' factor for this ill conceived hatchet job on Mr. Campbell by the Fight Dem Back Criminals will prove to be significant.
The truth will all come out eventually.
It always does.


From the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ Forum:

Joined: 18 Jan 2006
Posts: 51
Location: Vic.
Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 2:14 am Post subject:
“The truly sad thing is that practically every member of the legal profession had a uni career pretty much like the one Vickie builds for Darp. There's a very strong "Boys/girls will be boys/girls" ethic in most conservative professions re their undergrad selves. OK, afaik (sic) ever met a (straight) lawyer who shaves his balls but all the rest just sounds like a pretty normal weekend in the youth of hizhonour (sic).”

This writer could not discern whether or not ‘Franko’ actually intended to convey irony with these comments, but to express sadness at Mathew Henderson-Hau’s behaviour would seem an entirely appropriate response. It is a chilling thought to imagine a Legal system where this aberrant, and at times quite bizarre and criminal, behaviour is considered run of the mill ‘rites of passage’ stuff.

It also needs to be stressed that this behaviour, including criminal acts of death threats, physical assault and vandalism, was not committed by an eighteen year old but by a person in their late twenties! Well beyond the period where allowances for immaturity and ‘youthful high-jinks’ might prompt some law agencies to “cut ‘em some slack”. And at thirty something Darp is still totally unrepentant.

“Vickie” has done NO “building” at all in regard to Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’s career. It is all on the record IN HIS OWN WORDS. If anything there is much more dirt yet to be uncovered and revealed to the public. The White Nationalists are still researching, even as you read this. Also, how would ‘Franko’ know it was or was not the case that “practically every member of the legal profession had a uni career” like this? So ‘Franko’ has never met a “straight” lawyer who shaves his balls? This begs the question, how many “bent” lawyers has ‘Franko’ met who indulge in scrotal defoliation?

Ultimately though, this post reads like yet another lame FDB attempt at minimisation of Darp’s criminal behaviour and an exercise in promoting the concept of institutionalised permissiveness as an excuse because well, everybody does it. This is, of course, utter bullshit. Is ‘Franko’ being wilfully stupid? Okay, so we know a few queers and pederasts have sneaked through, but how many Judges have indulged in such overtly anti-social and criminal behaviour?

How many have bashed kiddies on the beach? How many have vandalised hotel rooms? How many have claimed “suburban terrorism” as their “area of speciality”? How many have solicited for murder? How many have conspired to blackmail, harass, stalk and vilify their political foes? How many count convicted criminals among their closest friends? How many have publicly exposed their depilated genitals? How many have contacted their political adversaries’ employers with the sole purpose of ruining their livelihoods? How many have threatened minors with bashings by trade unionist goons? How many have wasted valuable Tax-Payers money by making repeated vexatious reports to the Police? How many have broadcast the personal details, including home phone numbers and spouses and children’s names, of their political enemies to Islamist extremists and Anarchist activists who are also members of their network in the hope they will be eliminated by proxy? How many have flirted with extremely violent activists like Dave Hann, praising them for their "good work"? How many have sought to make contact and form alliances with vicious groups like 'Class War' who were instrumental in fanning the fires of anti establishment hatred at the Macquarie Fields riots? How many have organised obscene phone calls to the wives and teenage daughters of their political enemies? How many have been implicated in illegally accessing people's social security files and other personal information through their contacts in govenment bureaucracies? And the sordid list goes on.