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Darp's Love Affair With The 'ANTIFA' Terrorists

Despite all their slogans about “Fighting Hate” or “Smashing Fascism” one would be hard pressed to find a group with less tolerance for dissent to their views, or a group more prone to authoritarianism, underwritten with the constant threat of violence, or a group with members more bitter, twisted and hateful than the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. They simultaneously work with criminal and violent Anarchists while finessing and exploiting their contacts within the establishment yet perceive no hypocrisy or conflict of interests in their actions.
Old Victor pinched this one from Frank White’s new site and although the article is quite old (it dates back to 1995) it is still an excellent illustration of the calibre of so-called “Anti-Fascist” and “Anti-Racist” activists Darp and his Fight Dem back Criminal Gang are aligned and cooperating with.

It is well documented the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang have shared information with these Canadian and North American so-called ‘ANTIFA’ groups and conspired to assault White Nationalists both in Australia AND over there.

People have been bashed and houses have been burned to the ground. This is not kindergarten stuff at all but serious criminal activity. Yet these are PRECISELY the very same people Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW and his Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters are currently working with to ruthlessly crush any dissent against the corrupt and tyrannical Multiculturalism Industry!

“Metro Toronto Police found a disturbing trove of criminal paraphernalia when they searched a garbage-strewn basement apartment in East York this week. A stolen crossbow, cartridges for a .357-calibre handgun, a bomb-making manual complete with bomb making materials, wiretapping equipment and what they took to be two different kinds of drugs.

Police also found a list of members of the Heritage Front, a notorious neo-Nazi group, along with the type of cars they drove and their license-plate numbers.

"And this jacket that's just a weapon," Detective Keith Rogers says. It had a hockey shin pad stitched into one sleeve with wire, the ends of the wire protruding menacingly, and two steel plates fixed to the opposite elbow with heavy bolts. And a peace symbol stitched on its back.

Such is the new face of antiracist activity in Toronto. From its inception as a grassroots youth movement to counter the Heritage Front, antiracist activism in Toronto has always had a wild streak, exemplified by the 1993 trashing of the home of Front spokesman Gary Schipper.

But now, with the days of mass protests long gone and moderate antiracist organizers fading from the scene, it is re-emerging as a brand of thuggery scarcely discernible from that of the neo-Nazis and their skinhead army.”

SOURCE: ‘Antiracist movement grows more violent’ The Globe and Mail, Friday, February 10, 1995 – By: John Barber

And here is Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp planning a smear job on the Canadian Nationalist Frank White, a stunt which went tragically wrong for a totally innocent and unrelated businessman who also happened to be named ‘Frank White’ when Darp and his co-conspirators got ALL their information wrong. Yet again! But as you will see from Henderson’s comments, it’s all just a bit of “fun” this screwing with real people’s lives lark.

Oh, what a jolly game it is. What ISN’T funny at all though is the real harm inflicted on people’s livelihoods and reputations as well as the “collateral damage” caused to all those around the target including their family and friends by these scattergun attacks. Darp and the Fight Dem Back Criminals are an unwanted ‘cure’ that is far worse than the perceived ‘ailment’ and an answer to a question nobody asked.

DARP HAU: I notice you guys have been back in touch with some Canadian antifa. Well, we need them to come on board with a VERY fun little project we have going.

Will email DLJ as a back-up to this ..but yeah, please forward this onto all your Canadian antifa contacts.

Daryl Lamont Jenkins: Got the email and you should be getting a message from Toronto. They were most appreciative.

DARP HAU: Cheers mate.

Matthew Henderson Hau (AKA ‘Darp Hau, ‘Darp’) in an exchange with Daryl Lamont Jenkins – ‘Legendary OPP Forum’ – ‘Canadian Contacts Needed’ – Posted: Sunday, June 25, 2006.

There is ample evidence of more direct connections between the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang in Australia and the extremely radical, violent and criminal so-called ‘ANTIFA’ groups in Canada but the preceding online dialogue between Henderson-Hau and Jenkins is proof that these links also pass through other more so-called ‘mainstream’ “Anti-Racist” groups like the One People’s Project.

One can only speculate on how much more ‘hardcore’ the conversations became once MSN, E-Mail or Private Message services were employed to communicate.

So, Victor asks, who are the real “TERRORISTS”?


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