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FDB on the back peddle…BIG TIME…

What follows is a clear illustration of cause and effect.

Following the recent excellent work by the Victor Whitelaw Project, Frank .A. White, ‘Proud To Be An Infidel’ and others in the White Nationalist community to expose the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang’s links to Red Terrorist groups like the ARA, AFA, Class War etc, Weezil (Darp’s 2IC) has gone into damage control. One can almost smell the panic and desperation in the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang camp as they cynically contrive this image of pseudo-respectability and “non-violence”.

Fellas, you ain’t foolin’ ANYONE!

We know exactly what’s going on here and what sort of language you use behind the shopfront façade of the Fight Dem Back Internet Site. We know for a fact that you encourage others to employ ANY means whatsoever to shut down dissent against the Globalist Multicultural Industry.

We know Fight Dem Back’s creed is “Anti-Racism at ANY cost. The end justifies ANY means.”

Yes we fully understand you want no obvious, telltale bloodstains on your own hands for two main reasons. One you are ALL gutless cowards and two, you know you must maintain the (very shaky) illusion of occupying the higher moral ground.

We KNOW for a FACT you commit violence by proxy. We KNOW for a FACT you provoke other “less restrained” elements on the extreme Left to violence by stirring the pot and telling outrageous lies about INDIVIDUALS. Of course those individuals are being put in danger by the Fight Dem Back Criminals’ actions because YOU supply all the personal details.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals Forum:

Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

Author yuda
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Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 11:51 pm
Post subject: Anarchists blitzkrieg Nazi picnic in St. Louis

An annual Saturday afternoon picnic for St. Louis-based national white supremacist group, Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), turned sour shortly after one o'clock in Affton's Mathilda Park. "We will rise again!" filtered through their PA just before dozens of anarchists suddenly emerged behind a large "FUCK Y'ALL!: Social Liberation, Not Anti-Immigration" banner. They surged into the parking lot and up to the pavilion hurling insults of "Fuck you!"
"Nazis!" "Class traitors!" and "Delete yourself!"
The sounds of Sepultura and a chorus of airhorns, whistles, and bullhorns filled the air and the mob plowed over one of their picnic table's and uprooted an American flag. Several CCC men, including president Gordon Lee Baum, attorney-at-law, moved into the mob and started a brawl that the anarchists soon finished. In the end, at least two Nazis were severely beaten and bloodied, another given a killer tittie-twister (purple-nurple), and one stripped of his cane he was wielding as a weapon.

When police finally showed up, the mob had disappeared and the Nazi picnickers were left to moan to the police about the ambush. Police arrested a bystander (accusing him of supporting the anarchists) and a Nazi picnicker.

Neighbors were generally horrified the CCC had chosen their neighborhood to organize and preach their hate. Neighbors also openly supported the anarchists for defending themselves after the CCC attacked their banner and the people behind it.

A couple of the picnickers even disavowed their association with the CCC. One who had been invited by a co-worker and had brought her children, vowed never to come back. Another claimed she had married into the organization not knowing the extent of what they stood for. Others openly admitted they were running out of places to meet, having already been harassed in North County and now this episode in South County. To top it off, the following day, the CCC's St. Louis website crashed and was offline for 24 hours.

The anarchists have sent a clear message to the CCC: "St. Louis is not a hospitable place for you to meet. Delete your headquarters. Delete yourselves. We have a class war to fight."

duck monster
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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:53 am
Post subject:

“hahaha. kick ass.”

Woops! It looks like dazzlin’ Donald isn’t quite up to speed on FDB operational protocol. Perhaps he didn’t receive the latest memo.

How embarrassing…

Harry 20
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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 5:27 am Post subject:


And the latest despatches don’t appear to have reached their “Stormtroopers” in the field of “battle” either…

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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:39 am
Post subject:

“Lest any new users get the wrong idea, FDB as a group doesn't advocate violence in any way shape or form.”

Weezil, put quite simply, you are a FUCKING LIAR!

“Bashing up some outwardly peaceful picnickers, despite their socially destructive discussion agenda, is simply counterproductive, aside from being serious criminal offences.”

That it is Weezil, that it is…

“Riot and affray charges will get you serious jail time if caught- and the young chaps who charged the picnic deserve what they get if the cops catch them.”

“FDB are more about data mining and judicious information dissemination.”

Oh, and don’t forget to add telling lies to the media, sending ‘dirt files’ to people’s employers, illegally accessing people’s Social Security files, computer hacking, spamming people’s E-Mail accounts, prank phone calls etc etc

'Name and shame' and boycotts sort out all but the most recalcitrant nazi nutbags, but that type normally implode in short order without a whole lot of help from us.”

What ol’ Weezles means by ‘name and shame’ is that real people AND their families suffer real hardship, like losing their livelihoods, perhaps even being evicted from their dwellings by unsympathetic landlords and are also exposed to harassment and violence by Anarchists, Unionist thugs, Islamists or even wild card elements in the general community who will use this “judiciously disseminated information” to track the targeted people down and have a bit of “fun”.

But hey, talk about Nostradamus-like prescience. Old Victor predicted the Fight Dem Back Criminals would go into these paroxysms of denial. One can almost hear the gnashing of teeth and the sounds of hair being pulled out.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:05 pm Post subject:

“Whilst I understand the ramifications of such an action, I have no sympathy for the fash.”

What? Not even the Women, the little kiddies and the elderly people? You are one sicko. But yeah, that’s right, I forgot you are the same type who lobbed half bricks at the backs of the heads of elderly attendees of One Nation meetings and mob stomped hapless isolated individuals as they walked through car parks to their vehicles. You are the same type who threw fire crackers or rolled marbles under the hooves of Police horses or urine filled condoms into the faces of Police officers etc.

“That being said, the most important part of this wonderful tale should be that the people took action against the fash (the 'anarchists' in the story apparently had community support), not that the fash got their heads kicked in.”

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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:09 pm
Post subject:

“PisP, unfortunately, while this may be an example of standing up to the fash, it's a lousy example. Any movement which embraces brawling, no matter how noble their motivations are, won't be around very long. I'd much rather have 'invaded' that picnic with a local media crew and a large number of noisy, chanting activists.”

Oh but yes, of course Weezil, that is SO much better. I mean to say, you have every RIGHT, a duty even, to “invade” a peaceful gathering of law abiding citizens and trample all over THEIR civil rights to associate with other like minded individuals and share their thoughts. Nothin' like a good ol' "chant" through the bullhorns at 120 Decibels to make the children cry and frighten the old people is there?

Perhaps you might post details on when your next “invasion” of a MUSLIM fundamentalist picnic gathering in a local Bankstown or Lakemba park might be planned? Let us all know so I can bring my camera and take photos of you and your Red bum chums having your heads kicked in or perhaps being stoned to death…


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