Monday, October 02, 2006

The (other) Big Lie

A "news" release from the violent Anarchist group, the ‘One People’s Project’:

Nazi Down Under Wanted His People To Blow Things Up (seems to be a trend with these folks, eh?)

Contributed by One People’s Project
Friday, 15 September 2006

Mat Henderson-Hau of the Australian/New Zealand anti-racist crew Fight Dem Back is scaling back his work to focus on his studies, but before he did, he gave us some news about a Nazi that they had been chasing after down there. His name is Peter Campbell, and he is the head of something called the White Pride Coalition of Australia. It seems that Peter has been passing around bomb-making manual (sic) to his WP comrades – much like what Hal Turner had done some time ago on his website.

Unlike Turner, however, the police are aiming to nail Peter Campbell for this. “A lot of dedicated Fight Dem Back members have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months in order to gather enough information to bring this issue to the relevant authorities and over the last few days, the media,” Mat writes. “Yes, sad to say that people like Peter Campbell do still exist in our society. There may be some interesting uses of our anti-terror legislation in the coming months (but I won’t hold my breath).”

Well if they don’t, just like here that just means we put pressure on officials until they do, eh? Mad props (?) go to Fight Dem Back for all of their work on this.

Okay, let’s take this filthy lie apart, piece by stinking piece.

1. Mr. Campbell is not a “Nazi”. He is a White Nationalist and an Australian Patriot.

2. He is not, and has never been, “head” of anything.

3. The WPCA ceased to exist about a year and a half ago.

4. Mr. Campbell has never HAD a “bomb making manual” to “pass around”.

5. To date, some two weeks after the original 'story', all enquiries to the Police department named in the defamatory and fictional Newspaper article, the Victorian Police Security and Intelligence Unit, have resulted in them claiming they are not only NOT conducting any enquiry but that they knew nothing of the claims in the paper until they were notified by Mr. Campbell. Additionally they expressed their concern about where such claims might have originated and said this is a matter they WOULD be investigating.

6. Where IS this “information”? There certainly cannot be even a shred of real material evidence to support this preposterous claim since the events described never happened. Should this matter ever make it into an Australian Court of Law to waste the resources of the Australian Taxpayers then Mr. Campbell will not only be willing to submit to a polygraph test but will INSIST on one.

He has NEVER instructed anyone on how to construct explosive devices, nor has he ever supplied such information, he has no knowledge of, nor interest in, these things. He has never condoned the use of Terrorism to further the White Nationalist cause and believes such tactics to be counter-productive.

Mr. Campbell would also like to remind his political enemies that perjury, fabrication of evidence etc are extremely serious offences and that they should be absolutely certain they have an airtight 'fit-up' case against him, with false witnesses willing to lie and able to maintain those lies under sustained and vigorous cross examination. The hunter could quite easily find themselves the prey in this dangerous “game” of Mathew Henderson-Hau’s.

It is well documented that Mathew Henderson-Hau openly solicited for the murder of two White Nationalists and that he has provided false information to the media on several occasions, the most infamous example being his vicious smear of a certain Jim from Queensland. Despite the fact that the true details were supplied to him within days of the claims, he has never withdrawn or apologised for them. Neither has he shown an ounce of remorse for the effects it has had on Jim’s family. In fact he has rubbed salt in the wounds by mentioning Jim’s wife by name several times on the internet when he knows she has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

7. It is also utterly absurd and quite laughable for a criminally perverted social misfit like Mathew Henderson-Hau to lament the existence of “people like” Mr. Campbell who is a model citizen, married with children, gainfully employed, Tax Paying, Law abiding and with literally hundreds of people (of several Races) who will attest to his honour and veracity if ever called upon as character witnesses.
On the other hand, Mathew Henderson-Hau, like all deviants and subversives, totally despises normalcy of any kind and has an appalling record of anti-social behaviour, including assaulting minors, vandalism, death threats aimed at Australian politicians, soliciting to murder, indecent exposure, as well as counting convicted criminals among his closest friends. He is an immature, feckless, socio-political dilettante, still leeching off his mother whose home he refuses to vacate, he is scarcely a positive role model.

8. The vexatious invoking of Australia’s new Anti-Terrorism Laws as a possible stick with which to beat Mr. Campbell merely to indulge Mathew Henderson-Hau’s long term and well documented personal vendetta is an utter disgrace and indicates the culture of sheer desperation currently operating in the FDB camp.

9. It deeply saddens Mr. Campbell that Mathew Henderson-Hau will not be holding his breath. He sincerely wishes Mathew Henderson-Hau would never steal another mouthful of the Earth’s precious oxygen reserves. There are so many other more beneficial purposes for which this oxygen could be utilised.

10. The last paragraph reveals, for all to see, the tactics the Leftists employ to crush dissent against Multiculturalism and use the very “authoritarian” system they claim to despise to take any effective political opponent out of the picture. One can only wonder at the nature of the “pressure” they intend to put on officials and precisely “who” will be applying that pressure.

The Fight Dem Back Criminal Group has already openly admitted they have some well heeled, powerful and "influential" support from the so-called “Jewish Community” including “Lawyers and other professionals”. Their persistent scoffing at so-called “conspiracy theories” will count for nothing once the links are exposed. There is a clear case, and ample evidence, to prove a sinister and wide ranging conspiracy. Ultimately, the 'blowback' factor for this ill conceived hatchet job on Mr. Campbell by the Fight Dem Back Criminals will prove to be significant.
The truth will all come out eventually.
It always does.


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