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“The truly sad thing is that practically every member of the legal profession had a uni career pretty much like the one Vickie builds for Darp. There's a very strong "Boys/girls will be boys/girls" ethic in most conservative professions re their undergrad selves. OK, afaik (sic) ever met a (straight) lawyer who shaves his balls but all the rest just sounds like a pretty normal weekend in the youth of hizhonour (sic).”

This writer could not discern whether or not ‘Franko’ actually intended to convey irony with these comments, but to express sadness at Mathew Henderson-Hau’s behaviour would seem an entirely appropriate response. It is a chilling thought to imagine a Legal system where this aberrant, and at times quite bizarre and criminal, behaviour is considered run of the mill ‘rites of passage’ stuff.

It also needs to be stressed that this behaviour, including criminal acts of death threats, physical assault and vandalism, was not committed by an eighteen year old but by a person in their late twenties! Well beyond the period where allowances for immaturity and ‘youthful high-jinks’ might prompt some law agencies to “cut ‘em some slack”. And at thirty something Darp is still totally unrepentant.

“Vickie” has done NO “building” at all in regard to Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’s career. It is all on the record IN HIS OWN WORDS. If anything there is much more dirt yet to be uncovered and revealed to the public. The White Nationalists are still researching, even as you read this. Also, how would ‘Franko’ know it was or was not the case that “practically every member of the legal profession had a uni career” like this? So ‘Franko’ has never met a “straight” lawyer who shaves his balls? This begs the question, how many “bent” lawyers has ‘Franko’ met who indulge in scrotal defoliation?

Ultimately though, this post reads like yet another lame FDB attempt at minimisation of Darp’s criminal behaviour and an exercise in promoting the concept of institutionalised permissiveness as an excuse because well, everybody does it. This is, of course, utter bullshit. Is ‘Franko’ being wilfully stupid? Okay, so we know a few queers and pederasts have sneaked through, but how many Judges have indulged in such overtly anti-social and criminal behaviour?

How many have bashed kiddies on the beach? How many have vandalised hotel rooms? How many have claimed “suburban terrorism” as their “area of speciality”? How many have solicited for murder? How many have conspired to blackmail, harass, stalk and vilify their political foes? How many count convicted criminals among their closest friends? How many have publicly exposed their depilated genitals? How many have contacted their political adversaries’ employers with the sole purpose of ruining their livelihoods? How many have threatened minors with bashings by trade unionist goons? How many have wasted valuable Tax-Payers money by making repeated vexatious reports to the Police? How many have broadcast the personal details, including home phone numbers and spouses and children’s names, of their political enemies to Islamist extremists and Anarchist activists who are also members of their network in the hope they will be eliminated by proxy? How many have flirted with extremely violent activists like Dave Hann, praising them for their "good work"? How many have sought to make contact and form alliances with vicious groups like 'Class War' who were instrumental in fanning the fires of anti establishment hatred at the Macquarie Fields riots? How many have organised obscene phone calls to the wives and teenage daughters of their political enemies? How many have been implicated in illegally accessing people's social security files and other personal information through their contacts in govenment bureaucracies? And the sordid list goes on.


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