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The Unreliable Memoirs of a Boudist Witness...

Old Victor apologises in advance for the vintage of the material presented below but he’s only just stumbled upon it by chance while searching the Internet for other material. It dates all the way back to May 2005, but in light of the White Nationalists’ continuing campaign to expose Darp and his accomplices for the deviants, moral cowards, criminals and perverts they are, he believes it is worthy of reproduction and criticism.

Darp is nothing if not a prolific dribbler online, there is just SO much material yet to be mined for your viewing pleasure, gentle reader and when it comes to the comments by Darp that follow the post there is some rarely equalled, pure comedy Gold from our favourite scrotal defoliator.


From the Blog of Photographer Daniel Boud:

Street Justice

“Last night, leaving the Gaelic Club”

Yeah, a good Irish name that…Boud…

“in Surry Hills with a a few friends i (sic) witnessed a disgusting display of racism and violence. A young neo-nazi (sic) guy, complete with shaved head and military jacket, began hurling abuse at a guy in front of us for being aboriginal.”

Well, that’s good enough for me, shaved head AND a “military” jacket. He’s dead bang to rights GUILTY of being a NEO-NAZI, no doubts about it, no need for the jury to retire. Hang him high!

“He was so hateful in his speech”

Oh, you mean like all those vindictive Anarchist arseholes on FDB?

“and began trying to attack the aboriginal guy whose girlfriend was holding the nazi (sic) back. A female friend of mine stepped in and called the nazi disgusting, he turned his attack on her calling her a semite (sic).”

What a peculiar choice of words, so academically correct and clinically precise for a drunken lout in a rage…

“When another friend stood up for her he was labelled (sic) an arab(sic). The nazi (sic) guy was just hateful and looking to fight, attacking anyone for whatever racist thing he could think of. I approached the nazi's (sic) two friends who were standing back, asking them to reel in their mate before violence escalated. At that moment a group of Pacific Islanders arrived from the nearby pub and swiftly took the nazi (sic) out of action.”

That’s a polite Lefty euphemism for five or six gigantic coconuts kicked the livin’ bejesus out of a skinny White kid who’d had too much to drink and was probably just responding to an insult such as being called a “Gubba” or “White trash” by some octoroon refugee from Everleigh Street.

“I didn't watch exactly what happened”

We understand perfectly Daniel, you had to avert your eyes, it was all so very distressing…

“but he was beaten by the islanders till he was lying huddled on the street.”

Yep, I bet he was Daniel, I bet he was. How many times have we read THIS story before? Usually in the Police Files column of the local paper. Most often it runs something like this:

“Bashed Man in coma not expected to survive. Police are seeking two (three, or four) males of Pacific Islander appearance for cowardly attack on White Caucasian male. According to witnesses the offenders repeatedly kicked victim in the head while unconscious on the ground. Police and Ambulance officers who attended the scene were shocked at the sheer savagery of the attack.” Etc, etc….

“I abhor violence”

Sure you do Daniel, sure you do…

“and was confronted to see it up close like that.”

Ooh Err! “Confronted” even. Not quite like watching those gladiator movies on the big plasma screen in your Darlinghurst apartment, is it luvvy?

“But i (sic) was more shocked and disgusted by the hate and violence in the nazi (sic) guy.”

Now, read that carefully again, gentle reader. Daniel Boud, photographer to the stars, was MORE shocked by the so-called “Neo-Nazi’s” ATTITUDE than he was by the group bashing of a lone White boy!!! . Remember, according to Daniel, the White boy had not actually struck anyone prior to being mercilessly stomped by a team of yard apes.

“Even as a peace loving person i felt little sympathy for the beating the nazi (sic) got.”

Again, read that AGAIN folks. He felt little sympathy. For the beating. Hmmm…Gotta love that Peace thang…

“If he wasn't the one lying on the ground at the end of it i've (sic) no doubt he would have physically attacked others.”

No doubt, eh? Daniel, of course, not bestowed with Oracle like prescience, really has absolutely no way of knowing this. Like ALL Leftist inclined people he presumes much and knows very little. Luckily for him he’s a far better photographer than he is a social commentator or crime scene witness.

“It's just a shame he'll probably use the beating he got to justify his racist views.”

Oh, it’s a SHAME, is it? I wonder what ELSE Daniel might suggest the White boy takes away from this experience. Perhaps he might construct a pretty necklace or bracelet from his broken teeth to present to his assailants as a token of appreciation for their lesson in interracial relations? They apparently appreciate trinkets of this type.

“After witnessing such racist (sic) hate last night i (sic) figure it's an opportune time to link to Fight Dem Back, an anti-racist campaign spearheaded by Darp.”

Oh yeah! And there’s the plug folks. Who you gonna call? Let’s hear it for the guy who put the FIST into Pacifist, the TOURETTES into Tarrants, the WOOD into Eastwood! Take it away Darp…

Posted by daniel at May 21, 2005 07:49 PM


“Boudie, email me if you got a pic of this guy. I'm presuming the description can't really be improved upon. Could you give me approximate age? We heard about a smallish B&H get together taking place somewhere in the city that night but didn't bother looking into it. Bugger - looks like a few of them were out, drunk on the glory horn of Valhalla.”

Yes Darp, while YOU no doubt were cruising Oxford Street bruising up on an entirely DIFFERENT sort of “Glory Horn”... or is it the Glory "hole"?...

Posted by: Darp Hau on May 22, 2005 01:19 AM

“Darp, couldn't really describe him in much more detail other than to say he was mid to early 20's, white, kinda (sic) short, buzz cut, khaki jacket. I was so shocked by what was going on in front of me i (sic) didn't think to take any photos.”

Posted by: Dan on May 22, 2005 01:37 AM

“Cool, the khaki jacket bit is good. I think I know our trooper.”

Oh PLEASE!!! This is WAY too funny! The omnipotent Darp thinks he KNOWS the bloke from that scanty description. Oh fuck! There’re literally armies of highly decorated detectives out there who wish they were even a fraction as talented as Darp!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

In a city of about Four Million, Darp gets a description of White, early twenties, short build, cropped hair (notice how it morphed from “shaven head” to “buzz cut” in a matter of 24 hours) Khaki jacket and he’s AWAY, he RACING, he’s got the bloke NAILED!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“You're right about your stance as a pacifist being (?) becomming (sic) slightly foggy with regard to this incident.”

I expect you WOULD be a bit “foggy” after a night of sniffing rush with your bum chums all night…

“I too abhore (sic) violence and seek out whatever means possible to avoid it.”


“Sadly, when you're dealing with boneheads, many is the time when they understand no other language than a good slapping down.”

Yep, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and Darp’s JUST the kinda guy to step up to the plate and do his duty!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

WHAT is he ON?

“IF this fash hadn't been taken to task by the Islander Boys, chances are he would have kept going until he hit someone. A good book which covers the scruples of fighting racist violennce (sic) WITH violence”

Oh yeah! That’ll work, every time.

“is No Retreat by Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey.

It's a fascinating and at times, frightening read.

Thanks for the plug as well.”

Oh, that’ll be the party sized BUTT plug Daniel popped in the jiffy bag…

Posted by: Darp Hau on May 22, 2005 01:47 AM

Oh, and just one last thing Daniel. Precisely where, and what, was this Street “Justice”?

I fear I may have blinked and missed it…


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