Monday, October 09, 2006

Weezil’s foot slips off the back peddle momentarily

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang’s Forum:


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“Kick Arse loosen up weez my dear friend and laugh at the thought of the nazis getting there (sic) arse kicked.”

Oh dear, oh dear, those excitable FDB’ers are bursting into spontaneous bouts of primitive auto eroticism at the mere thought of White people getting bashed. It reminds me of the description I was given by a person who once observed a “necklacing” in South Africa. He spotted several of the extremely excited Negroids toward the back of the crowd surrounding the grisly spectacle pull out their penises and begin to masturbate furiously while fixated on the burning victim who was writhing in agony.


political tar baby

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“PisP, I don't want to be right as much as I want to win the war for 'hearts and minds' as it were. We're not apt to garner wide public support if we're a bunch of rioters... we'd look a bit rednecky (sic).

What a give away! But that’s good of you Weezil, to admit that you don’t care whether or not you are right (read: correct and just) so long as you “win the war for hearts and minds” (read: Force your sick propaganda down the public’s throats)

Mind you, there's certainly examples of great revolutionary struggles that were incredibly violent and seemingly just. Take the American Revolution,

The American Revolution? Oh, you mean the only war in history ever fought so that the “winners” could actually pay MORE taxes? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You’ve been watching too many Mel Gibson movies. The “Patriots” of the so-called “American Revolution” only ever comprised about ten percent of the population and how did they “convince” their “fellow Americans” the righteousness of fighting the evil, wicked British? They burned their houses and farms down to the ground and those who STILL didn’t “get with the program” were lined up and shot as “traitors” (strange since the “revolutionaries” were the ones in the business of political overthrow) their wives and children were tarred and feathered and raped. You are SO dumb you don’t even know the history of your own birthplace, you IDIOT!

French underground resistance during WWII and the ANC triumph over apartheid. When you consider Nelson Mandela was once a terrorist and is now a secular saint, it doesn't always go badly.

How do YOU separate the Terrorists from the “Freedom Fighters” Weezil? You now openly admit what White Nationalists have claimed all along, that Mandela was nothing more than a Terrorist but you think you can actually JUSTIFY it by mentioning Mandela’s virtual canonisation and by claiming “it didn’t go badly”. Tell that to the families and loved ones of those butchered by the ANC. Tell that to the thousands of White Women raped by Blacks every year. Please explain why it is that SINCE the abolition of Apartheid, South African cities, particularly Johannesburg have degraded into little more than killing grounds?

Hey, you also forgot to mention the biggest (non military) blood fest in European history, the so-called French “Revolution”. An orgy of guillotine executions and riots, now THAT was “terrorism”.

Or what about the establishment of the Bandit State of Israel? How about the abduction, torture, murder and mutilation of British soldiers by Jewish Terrorists? How about the bombing of the King David Hotel? How about the fact that Menachem Begin was one of those Terrorists?

However, in the case of small numbers of lunar racist nutbags, does the entire apple cart need to be upset to effect social change or is there something in our peaceful society worth preserving?

Well I suppose in YOUR case it’d be something really close to your heart, like our Social Welfare System. After all, where you come from they don’t pay out so-called “disability pensions” like the ones you’ve become accustomed to in Australia.

The vast majority of societies are not swayed by any nazi/fascist/racist elements, but these miscreants do have an effect on the target minorities.

Ask any White European people still living in the greater Canterbury Bankstown region of Sydney who the “target minorities” are. These people might as well paint bull’s eyes between their shoulder blades.

This is where anti-racist activism can be most effective. Denying the fash the ability to call their destructive opinions and actions 'politics' is a good start.

But YOU are the ones who have labelled it “politics”. That’s all you brain dead morons ever bleat on about. White Nationalists simply know it as part of the Natural Law and the right for every distinct Racial entity to exist and prosper while maintaining their Cultural integrity and unique physical individuality.

“On the scale of social acceptability, being a nazi is about as good as being a paedo.”

Well, there’s another open admission by Weezil regarding tactics. That’s what the Left and their masters have been working on for a long time now. the demonisation of White Nationalists with emotive, exaggerated and misleading language. The Left Wing formula is moronically easy…

White Nationalist = Hateful, Evil, Wicked, Intolerant, Racist, Violent, Fascist, Neo-Nazi. (insert any negative term of your choice)

The trouble is there is no accredited, universally accepted system of criteria for determining what a so-called “Nazi” is. It is a ‘one size fits all’ concept that works very poorly in practice. You get three people in a room and you get four opinions. So this tactic is backfiring on the Multicultural Terrorists as the general community tires of their histrionics and as they see so many benign and innocent people condemned for little more than questioning the Politically Correct wisdom. Face up to it Weezil, Multiculturalism just ain’t like it is in the brochure and even the dullest of the sheeple are beginning to awake.

“Using boycotts and shining a very bright publicity light on those nazis who sneak about in the shadows quite often significantly changes their practises.”

Boycotts? Who or what can you “boycott”? Nobody needs you or your “business” Weezil. You are a non-contributing, undesirable, malignant parasite living off our Tax Dollars by leeching our Welfare System. You have given Australia nothing since your arrival except Left Wing political agitation and the harassment of decent White Australian Patriots. Why don’t you just go back to America? We don’t want or need you here.


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